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What kind of connection do you have?
Jenny Internet sells various connectivity services and in order to better resolve any issue you may be experiencing, we need to know what service you currently have and which one, if you have more than one, you are experiencing trouble with.
  • Jenny ADSL Internet Capped and Uncapped
  • Jenny Wireless Internet
  • Jenny VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)
  • Jenny Hotspot
  • Jenny Fax Out
  • Jenny E-mail
  • Jenny Domain or Easy Site
In this Quick help section , you will find steps for each product that should be followed before calling the call centre for assistance. Going through these steps may resolve your problem.
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About Jenny Internet Support

Jenny Internet has a National Call Centre that will help you telephonically to try and resolve any trouble that you may be experiencing.

There is no cost to the telephonic support that we provide.

Should there be something wrong or faulty with your hardware or computer, Jenny Internet does not have technicians that are sent to site, you will need to contact your own friendly computer person to assist or the Jenny Dealer that did your installation.

Should you not know of a competent computer person, we can recommend one from our extensive dealer network for you to use.

The costs incurred using any 3rd party  computer person will need to be negotiated with that computer person.

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Quick Help

Pre-emptive Support Tutorials offer Jenny Internet Customers a quick help system for easy troubleshooting all aspects of their Jenny Internet Services. These are a few simple steps that can be done to resolve the issue that you may be experiencing, before calling the National Call Centre for assistance.


This section will explain and help you with comman tasks that you may need to perform from time to time, eg. setting up your email, voip phone, etc. For Jenny Partners, you will also find topics about completing tasks on our Dealer Front End (DFE).

Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials will contain video's explaining concepts and tasks. These video's will also be linked in other topics relating to the same subject.


In this section you will find more in depth information about the products that Jenny Internet and partners provide.