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How Jenny Wireless works

The Jenny Wireless system consists of a few main parts:


The CPE (Antenna, radio, aerial) outside on the roof.

Looks similar to the picture above. This is connected to the POE port on the power supply.

The POE power supply box (POE).

This supplies power the CPE over the data cable together with the data.


Before calling the Jenny call centre, please perform the following steps:

  1. Ensure that the POE has power and the light(s) is/are on
  2. Ensure that the cable coming into the building from the CPE is connected firmly to the POE port on the POE box.
  3. Ensure that the cable coming from your computer is connected firmly to the LAN port on the POE box.
  4. Ensure that the cable coming from the LAN port on the POE box is firmly connected to the LAN port on your computer / network switch and the light is on on the LAN port of the computer or network switch.
  5. Remove the power cable from the POE box, wait 10 seconds and plug the power cable back into the POE box. This will restart the CPE and re-initialize the connection to the towers that supply you with your internet.
  6. Ensure that your computer is getting the correct IP address and Default Gateway.
  7. Wait about 30 seconds for the CPE to start up completely then open a web site on your computer to see if your connection is now working.
  8. If not, please contact the call centre for further assistance and information.
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