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There are two parts in adding a signature to Windows Live Mail :

Part A: Creating the HTML signature source file.

Part B: Linking the source file to your email signature.


  • Create a “Sig” folder in “Local Disk C:”
  • Copy the image file that you are going to use in the signature into this folder.
  • Rename this image file to “sig.jpg”

Part A: Creating the HTML signature source file.

  • Open up your email program.
  • From the File menu, click New and then Mail Message.


  • The New Message window opens.
  • From the Insert menu, select Single Photo…
  • Navigate to the “C:\Sig” folder where you placed the image file you wish to insert.

  • Click the image file, then the Open button. Your image should show in the New Message window.
  • Optionally, you may add text.
  • From the File menu, select Save As File…

  • Navigate to the “C:\Sig” folder
  • Type your File name and select HTML as the file type. Click the Save button

  • Close the New Message window that is open.

Part B

We need to edit the signature file to correct the path of the image file by doing the following:

    • Open Windows Explorer
    • Navigate to the “C:\Sig” folder
    • Right click on the signature file you saved earlier, eg. Signature.htm
    • Open the “Open With” Menu and click on “Notepad”

    • Look in the text for “src=”cid:[some random text]”” as in the image below:

    • Replace all the text within the “ “ with the following “c:\Sig\Sig.jpg” as below:

    • Click the File menu option, then click on Save.

Now that the file with your image and text is saved and corrected, you need to point your email program to it.

  • In your Windows Live main window, Click File menu, open the Options item, Mail….

  • Click the Signatures tab.
  • In the Signatures section, click the New button.
  • In the Edit Signature section, select the radio button for File.
  • Click the Browse… button.
  • Navigate to the HTML file you just created. You may need to change the file types list to HTML Files.
  • Highlight your file and click Open.

  • Check the box for “Add signature to all outgoing messages” at the top of this window.
  • Click OK.

If now open a new message, you should see your signature in the new email.

If you still don’t see your image, you may need to go to File > Options > Safety Options… > Security Tab > Download Images section and uncheck Block Images.

Now you can start a new mail and you should see the image and signature display.

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