VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol.

Jenny VoIP allows you to make telephone call across an internet connection. No fixed Telkom lines necessary.

Jenny Internet manages their own VoIP server that is housed at Teraco Data Centre. All calls that are made and are receive to Jenny VoIP numbers go through this server.

How It Works:

Jenny Internet supplies the client with a VoIP account. This account is linked to a VoIP bundle that can be chosen by the client and range from R 50.00 to R15000.00.

This VoIP account consists of the VoIP username, password and the all important telephone number.

A digital VoIP phone is required to make use of the VoIP account. These VoIP phones are connected to a network where internet is available either via LAN cable or WiFi depending on the phone purchased.

The phone will receive network setting from the network, provided this function is setup on the network else these network setting would need to be programmed manually via the menu system on the phone.

The username and password is then programmed into the phone using either menu’s on the phone or via the phone’s web interface. With-in this programming you would also need to enter the Jenny Internet’s VoIP server’s address:

The phone will then initiate the connection to the Jenny VoIP server and calls can be made and received via the allocated number.

VoIP Prioritised on Jenny Internet Wireless Infrastructure

Jenny Internet has prioritised VoIP traffic on our wireless infrastructure to ensure the best voice quality possible. This means that should a customer only have a 1Mbps internet service and the users on the network are using the full 1Mbps of internet bandwidth, we will allow the VoIP traffic to exceed the service bandwidth limit.

This is only done on the Jenny Internet Wireless network as we can control traffic on our network. This cannot be achieved on an ADSL connection as we cannot control traffic on ADSL and the bandwidth is limited by the ADSL line speed.

VoIP Requirements

VoIP requires a very stable and clean internet connection to function correctly but does not need huge bandwidth to function correctly, however if there is also not enough bandwidth for the VoIP traffic, there will be break-ups and distortion in the voice quality.

VoIP quality issues on a Jenny Wireless connection can be caused by the following:

    • Bad Signal Strength
    • Low signal CCQ’s (Signal Quality)
    • Insufficient bandwidth

These are not only applicable for the link from the client to the tower the client connects to but also all the back hauls to the fibre that connects the network to Teraco. If there is packet loss or high latency on the Fibre, this will also cause VoIP quality issues.

The biggest problem with using voip on an ADSL connection is congestion and latency causing the VoIP traffic to be adversely affected.

VoIP quality issues on a Jenny Wireless connection can be caused by the following:

  • Noisy line
  • High internet traffic on the ADSL connection
  • Slow internet package
  • High Latency on the Internet Connection


The biggest problem with VoIP not working is that the internet is not offline. VoIP will only work if there is an internet connection.