Jenny Internet Call Centre can help you will all your e-mail troubleshooting provided your e-mail / domain account is hosted with us or you have all your e-mail settings from your e-mail service provider, eg. Telkom, MWeb, etc.

Settings needed to correctly setup your e-mail account:

  1. E-mail address, eg.
  2. Incoming mail server address (POP/3), eg.
  3. Outgoing mail server address (SMTP), eg.
  4. Username, this is most times the same as your e-mail address.
  5. Password, this is usually given to you at the time of your signing up for the e-mail account. If your e-mail is hosted with Jenny Internet, we can give you your password or change it for you to whatever password you would like. If your e-mail is not hosted with Jenny Internet, you will need to call your e-mail service provider to get or reset your password.
  6. Outgoing Authentication Settings, you must know if your e-mail service provider requires a username and password for you to send e-mail through their servers. eg, YES / NO, SMTP Username and Password.
  7. Port Number, these are number that are inserted to change the listening ports that your servers would listen on to receive or send email, eg. POP: 110, SMTP: 25 / 587 / 465

Jenny Internet mail servers are in most cases setup with the following credentials:

Username = Full email address eg.
Domainname = the part after the “@” in your e-mail address eg., domain name =
Incoming Mail Server / Port # = mail.domainname / 110
Outgoing Mail Server / Port # = smtp.domainname / 587
Outgoing Mail Server requires authentication = Yes, same username and password as incoming.
In your e-mail program you will need to use all your correct e-mail credentials. Each e-mail program is different from one another but all require the same information at the end of the day.

Popular e-mail programs are as follows:

  • Outlook Express (came built-in with Windows XP)
  • Microsoft Outlook (comes with some MS Office packages, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013). MS Outlook versions differ from each other.
  • Windows Live Mail (freely downloadable from the Microsoft website as part of the Microsoft Live Essential Package)
  • Mozilla Thunderbird. (family of the Firefox Web Browser, Free to download. Setup different from the Microsoft products)
  • Apple MAC’s e-mail program is simply called “Mail”
Each mail program has a different looking screen is which you need to insert your mail account credentials. You will need to learn your e-mail program or find a friendly tutorial on the web.
If your e-mail is not hosted with Jenny Internet but your internet connection is with  and you are battling to send, we can assist with an account for outgoing mail.