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  1. Open Outlook Express: Start / All Programs / Outlook Express
  2. If you don’t already have an e-mail setup in outlook express it will start-up with the Wizard. We are going to follow the wizard in this example.
  3. At the 1st screen, type in your name. This is the name that you would like to appear in the recipient of your mail’s inbox. What you insert here has no bearing on where or not your mail will work or not. {NEXT}
  4. The next screen you will type in your correct e-mail address as given to you from Jenny Internet or your e-mail service provider. {NEXT}
  5. Select your server type. POP3 or IMAP. We use POP3 for most customers. Type in your Incoming mail server and outgoing mail server addresses in the correct spaces. {NEXT}
  6. On the following screen you need to enter your correct account name, also known as your username, as said before, usually your complete e-mail address. Then enter your correct e-mail password in the space provided. {NEXT}
  7. Next Screen Click {FINISH}
  8. You are however not finished yet. If you get the import wizard that opens, just close it.
  9. At the Outlook express screen where you see the folders on the left, on the Menu Bar, click Tools, then Accounts.
  10. Click on the Mail Tab at the top of the next window that opens.
  11. Double click on the e-mail account you would like to modify.
  12. Click on the Servers tab.
  13. Check the box at the bottom of the servers tab the says My server requires authentication”. Click the Settings button to the right of that option.
  14. Ensure that “Use same setting as my “incoming mail server” is selected. If you were provided with a different outgoing username and password as the incoming, select “log on using” and enter the outgoing username and password in the relevant fields. {OK}
  15. Back the mail account properties screen, select the Advanced tab.
  16. Change the Outgoing mail (SMTP) port number to 587.
  17. If you would like your mail to remain on the server for a time period or for another computer to download the same mail, check the box “leave a copy of messages on server”. Then check the box “Remove from server after” and select the number of days.
  18. Click {OK} and then {Close}
  19. Send an e-mail to yourself to check that you can both send and receive mail.
  20. If you still getting errors or can’t receive or send mail, ensure your internet is working by opening your favourite web browser and open any website. If the web page doesn’t open, Troubleshoot your internet. If the internet is working, please review all the settings that you entered.
  21. If you are still experiencing problems, please call the National Call Centre.

Examples of the screens you will encounter are:


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