Jenny ADSL uses a Telkom line to connect you to the Internet. ;">For ADSL to work, you require a post paid Telkom line, ADSL service active on this line, ADSL data account, an ADSL modem and a computer.

The Telkom lines are a little difficult to understand. The one line is used for both talking on and the Data for the internet. Essentially, the 1 line is split into two sections.

  • The entire analogue line is installed and supplied by Telkom. This is the line that you would plug your telephone into and call someone on.

  • This analogue line is billed to the user’s Telkom account every month.

  • When you request for an ADSL line, they don’t come and install another line, they add the ADSL service to your already existing line. This ADSL service is often referred to as the ADSL line.

  • The ADSL service is either paid to Telkom if this service is with Telkom or, if this has been migrated to your internet service provider (ISP), you will pay this to your ISP. This price will vary according to the line speed you have chosen / require.

In addition to the line and ADSL service, you will also require the following:

  • ADSL data account is the amount of data you have in your package per month, eg 1Gb / 5Gb. This data generally doesn’t carry over to the next month if not used up. If you have opted for an uncapped account, you would never reach your data limit, however, if abnormally large amounts of data is downloaded or uploaded, you connection could get throttled / slowed down.

  • Computer / Device is the device that is going to connect the ADSL modem and use the internet through this ADSL modem. These computers / Devices can be connected to the ADSL modem via network cable or via wireless signal.Jenny ADSL uses a Telkom line to connect you to the Internet.