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The Jenny VoIP system relies on the Internet to function. Without an internet connection, your VoIP phones will not be able to connect to our servers and therefore will not be able to function.
A bad internet connection will also cause VoIP quality issues. A busy connection, or a connection with high latency will cause VoIP quality issues. If you are using Jenny Wireless Internet, the signal strength between your CPE and the tower will also affect the VoIP quality.

VoIP Devices:

There are many VoIP devices that can be used with our VoIP service. The common devices that we use are Siemens Gigaset, Snom and Fanvil.
Companies that require a switchboard often use FreePBX or Elastix as their switchboard software on a computer that acts as the brains of the switchboard.
Other options are devices that convert the VoIP lines into analogue signals. These are used to add VoIP lines to an older analogue switchboard system. Devices used in these cases are Grandstream, LinkSys and Patton devices.
These systems can get quite complicated but the basic troubleshooting steps still apply to resolve basic issues.

Troubleshooting steps for VoIP

Possible Problem / Solution
Phone unable to Register with the server.
  1. Is your internet working? Open a web page on your computer that is connected to the same network as your VoIP phone.
  2. Troubleshoot your Internet connection if necessary.
  3. Check LAN cables from the back of the phone / device (if you are using a cordless phone, do this on the base station of the phone) to your network. Ensure the cables are securely connected at both locations
  4. Unplug the power of your router / CPE, count to 10, plug the power back in.
  5. Unplug the power from the phone, count to 10, plug the power back in.
VoIP phones still not working
Have your customer code on hand and call the National Call Centre for further assistance.

Quick Help

Pre-emptive Support Tutorials offer Jenny Internet Customers a quick help system for easy troubleshooting all aspects of their Jenny Internet Services. These are a few simple steps that can be done to resolve the issue that you may be experiencing, before calling the National Call Centre for assistance.


This section will explain and help you with comman tasks that you may need to perform from time to time, eg. setting up your email, voip phone, etc. For Jenny Partners, you will also find topics about completing tasks on our Dealer Front End (DFE).

Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials will contain video's explaining concepts and tasks. These video's will also be linked in other topics relating to the same subject.


In this section you will find more in depth information about the products that Jenny Internet and partners provide.