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Jenny Internet Prepaid Data Service Renew.

Jenny Internet supplies customers with a Pre-paid data service. This service needs to be renewed every month. This is specifically designed for clients that don't necessarily need to purely month to month type service. They can activate it and pay for it as and when they need it.

This Pre-paid data service is not to be confused with the Pre-paid data top-up, although they can be purchase similarly, through the Account Action Required splash screen you would receive when your pre-paid data is used up or your pre-paid service has expired.

In this topic, we will cover the renewing of your Pre-paid data service.

When do I need to renew my prepaid data service

The Standard Jenny Internet Pre-paid data service expires on the last day of each month, even if it has been activated within the month. With in in mind, you will need to activate your Jenny Internet Pre-Paid data service on the 1st day of each month. This is done through the Account Action Required page you will receive on the 1st of each month. We will cover this process in this tutorial.

You will, however be-able to pay for and activate your next months pre-paid data service soon.

How do I renew my pre-paid data service on the 1st of each month?

On the first day of the month, your Pre-paid data service would need to be renewed, so the first time you attempt to access the internet on the 1st day of the month, you will the following page:

Click on the "Click to Manually Redirect" link to take you to the next page. This page will tell you what action is required. The next page would look like this:

This indicates that the account has expired and shows the Customer Name, Customer code and the username for the account that needs renewal.

To renew the account, click on the "Click here to purchase a service" link to take you to the next page which will look like this:

On this page you can select the prepaid service that you wish to activate for the period specified below the list.

Select the Prepaid service you wish to purchase and click the "Purchase Prepaid Service" button. This will take you to the following page:

This shows a summary of what you have selected. Click on the "Click to Pay" link to take you to the next page where you can select your method of payment:

  • Pay via EFT will allow you to pay for your transaction via EFT. This will take you to the Payment gateway, allow you to log in with your internet banking username and password to complete the transaction.
  • Pay with Credit Card will allow you to pay for your transaction via you Credit Card. You will be asked for your card details.
  • Pay with Credits will you to use the credits that are currently available on you debtors account. This option will only apear if you have sufficient credits available to conclude the transaction.

Select your method of payment by clicking on the associated button and following the on screen instruction to conclude the transaction.

As stated before, soon you will be able to purchase your next months pre-paid data service to ensure an un-interupted internet service.

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