Marriam-Webster Dictionary defines:

showing little or no change, action, or progress

exposed to general view / of, relating to, or affecting all or most of the people of a country, state, etc.

Internet Protocol address

This tells us that it is an IP Address that does not change and is available to the General Internet.

What is it used for?

When customers have servers on their premises that need to be accessed from outside or they have a VPN that need connect 1 office to another, it makes their and our lives easier to manage their inbound traffic.

This will also allow them to have the full range of TCP/IP ports available for their inbound traffic.

We can also Whitelist their outbound email traffic to bypass our mail filter.

With this product, all their internet activity will reflect their Public IP address making them fully responsible for the reputation of this IP address. Should this IP address become blacklisted for whatever reason, it is solely due to the traffic coming from this customers network that has resulted in their assigned Public IP being blacklist.

Jenny Internet will assist to de-list this IP however the customer will need to resolve the issue on their network that has caused the IP to be blacklisted before we can get the Public IP de-listed.

Static Public IP vs Std Port Forwarding

The average wireless customer that has services with Jenny Internet connected to one of Jenny Internet’s towers. They get a Session IP from that tower. This is a Private IP address that is only accessible from within the borders of the Jenny Internet network.

This Private IP address can change from time to time as the session disconnect and reconnect.

When these customers access the internet, the internet will see their traffic coming from the network’s assigned IP address that they are connected to, eg.NISE network is assigned IP, normal customers on the NISE network will show the network’s IP address of This means that all the customers on this network go out to the Internet via the same IP address.

For this customer to be-able to access services that are available on the inside of their network from the public internet, we need to create a path from the Jenny Core, through our tower infrastructure to their CPE and in turn to their internal device.

This is called port forwarding. There are only 65535 ports available on an IP address. This sounds like a lot, but certain protocols use certain ports. This becomes a problem when more than 1 customer needs to use the same port number.